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Sonic Youth - The World Looks Red tab

Sonic Youth - The World Looks Red
Album - Confusion Is Sex

Tab by Taliani/Corky

Lee tuning: EADECD w/ screwdriver @ 9th fret
Thurston tuning: ?

(thurston's original tuning isn't known but he tends
to favor F#F#F#F#EB for live versions)

E------0------0-----0------0------0-----0-| ETC

eventually he moves up to another chord. i can't find the exact
chord, but something like this works (keep in mind that 0 is
the 9th fret, with the screwdriver behind it, but the other numbers
are the actual frets):


then back to open DECD w/ behind-screwdriver bend while thurston
hits open strings.

verse same as before.

after the 2nd verse, Thurston hits the lowest string and starts
chugging away at it, while Lee's banging open strings, then goes
back to the same as the first interlude.

the end has Lee banging away at the last chord tabbed up there, and
Thurston running a drumstick up and down his fretboard.

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