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Sonicflood - Son Of God tab

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Son Of God
Jon Neufeld, Tim Neufeld, Ed Cash, Gordon Cochran
Key: G

Capo I

Verse 1:
Son Of God, shaper of the stars
You alone, the dweller of my heart
C2                                D
Mighty King, how beautiful You are
How beautiful

Son of God, the Fathers gift to us
You alone, were broken on the altar of love
Precious Lamb, our freedom's in Your blood
     C2           D
it's in Your blood

G         C2
Jesus, Oh Holy One
I sing to You
   G    D/F#
Em7        Am7
Savior I'm overcome
     C2         D7         G
with Your great love for me

(2nd time around)
        G               D/F#
You are worthy, You are worthy
        Em7                    C2
You are worthy of all my praise
        G                  D/F#
You are beautiful, You are beautiful
       Em7                      C2
I will lift up my hands and sing

Verse 2:
Son of God, strength beyond all compare
You alone, the darkenss cannot bear
Lord of all, Your kindess draws me near
it draws me

Son of God, prophecy of old
You alone, redeemer of my soul
Come again, and lead Your people home
come lead us home

with Your great Love (3x)
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