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Sonny And Cher - All I Ever Need Is You chords

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All I Ever Need is You

Intro: Bb  Bb  Dm7  X 2

Bb                              D
Sometimes when I'm down and all alone
Gm                          Bb7
Just like a child without a home.
Eb                                    Bb     Gm
The love you give me keeps me hanging on, oh honey 
C                   F
All I ever need is you.

You're my first love you're my last.
You're my future you're my past.
And loving you is all I ask,oh honey 
C        F         Bb
All I ever need is you.
Eb                    F
Winters come and they go,
Eb                       Dm
and we watch the melting snow.
Eb                     Bb
Sure as summer follows spring
All the things you do
Eb        Cm             F   Dm    Bb     F     
Give me a reason to build my world around you.

Some men follow rainbows I am told.
Some men search for silver, some for gold.
I have found my treasure in your soul honey
all I ever need is you.

without love i'd never find a way,
through ups and downs of every single day.
i won't sleep at night until you say my honey,
all i ever need is you.
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