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Sonny James - Walk To The Dance chords

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Walk To The Dance:Sonny James.
Multi-artist album - Everybody Rocks -
on Capitol Records in 1958.
(This shoulda been up there with Young Love.)

C           Em    F           C
Walk to the dance without the car..on my most
  Em      F       C
important date so far.
                    Am     F        G7          
Oh, oh, how could I ask an angel to walk to the 
C     Em F G7

C            Em        F      C
Sometimes my folks are simply grand..and then
 Em        F          C                     Am
again they donít understand..that you can't ask
            F     G7     C     F C C7
an angel to walk  to the dance.

       F                     C
When I called at the door my face felt red.
    F                         C
But when I explained..this is what she said..
         Am                         Em
'darling please donít mind, I would like to walk.
       F                         G7
We can count the stars, take our time, thatís all.

D#       Gm       G#          D#              Gm
All of a sudden a nightingale sang..and in the distance, 
G#           D#
chapel bells rang.
D#         Cm   G#     A#7         D#    Cm G# A#7
We fell in love on our walk to the dance.

D#         Cm    G#     A#7          D#
We fell in love, on our walk, to the dance.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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