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Sons Of Bill - Metaphysical Gingham Gown tab

Metaphysical Gingham Gown
Sons of Bill
From the album "A Far Cry From Freedom"

Capo 4



This is sort of difficult to hear sometimes because there are two guitar parts being 
at once (it sounds like it at least), and Sam and James play different parts, or whoever 
the guitars, but you get the idea.

G                                            Cadd9         G
Some call me a sinner some say I was lost
G			D		D/F#
Every (dadís boy?) couldnít pay the cost
G				Cadd9		G
But the good lord he works in mysterious ways
G			D		G
Burning bushes and little girls who pray

And she was only 19 years old
Too young for barrooms too old to stay home
Iíd take her out dancing and spin her around
In that metaphysical gingham gown

C			     C/B		D/F#		G
She says boy dump the sunshine just call for some rain
C			C/B	D
Someday weíll understand why
G				     C		G
So I donít need to wonder why she hangs around
G			D	G
In that metaphysical gingham gown

I ainít much of a singer and Iím less of a man
Turn tail and run and she wouldnít understand
She says boy God forgives you for all that youíve done
But its forgiving yourself thatís the hardest of all

I go looking for answers on a Tuesday night
Too drunk to walk lookin for a fight
She still picks me up lays my (froggy?) head down
On that metaphysical gingham gown


In that lonely space between dust and your soul
You cry like a baby while your mindís growin old
And your heart begs the question but you never ask why
Just love while you can and you learn how to die

But sometimes a girl takes the ache from your bones
Makes you forget that we all die alone
So I hold her hand until Jesus comes round
Trade the dress in for wings but he wears the crown


Tabbed by Andrew Fickley
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