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Sons - Too Much Of A Good Thing tab

Too Much of a Good Thing
The Sons (featuring Bret Reilly)
From the "Dumb and Dumber" Soundtrack

    Cadd9           Emadd9


There's a chill in the air comin' off the river tonight,
Sure am glad I chose my sweater,
Walk alone, I walk alone tonight,
Yeah, I've felt better.
But I know in my heart,
One car in an alley is better than a vacant lot,
And you'll see on my face,
Lines on a young man can find their place.

G             C              G
Baby, I have left so much behind,
         C                     G
Until I passed the same place twice,
      C                Am
Now I see just what ya done to me,
Too much of a good thing.


Can you hold the line, another call's comin' in,
Might be the one I just got over,
Back and forth and up again,
For just a wrong number.
But to scream a good cry,
Could leave me naked in some stranger's eyes,
So I'll whisper, a little cry,
Hope this memory'll soon pass by. Ooh.
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G            C                 G
Baby, I got feelin's old and strong,
            C                      G
I did not think they'll last this long,
         C                    Am
Tell me why your light keeps turnin' on,
       D                       Dsus4 D
I say too much of a good thing.

Too much of a good thing.

(LEAD BREAK) Play Am - Em - Am - Em - Am - Em - F

F                               Am  Em  Am  Em
A lonely voice finds little demand,
F                    Am  Em  Am  Em
It ???? to make a stand,
F                                     G        
For one last time can't you listen to me,
G                     (Intro/Verse Figure)
Baby, don't let me go silently.

(ORGAN SOLO) Play Intro/Verse Figure

(GUITAR/ORGAN SOLO) Play Cadd9 - Em (Repeat)

(INTERLUDE) Play Cadd9 and Em 4x

(OUTRO) Play Intro/Verse Figure
Too much
Too much
You're too much of a good thing,
You're too much of a good thing, too much
Much too, much too, much too, much too, much too, much too, much too much,
You're too much of a good thing.
End on Emadd9

Chords:  Cadd9:  x32030  G: 320033  Am: x02210  Em: 022000  Dsus4: xx0233
         Emadd9: xx2002  C: x32010  D:  xx0232  F:  133211

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