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Soul Asylum - Never Really Been tab

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 00:31:15 -0500
Subject: never_really_been.crd soul_asylum

I have had some more requests for older Soul Asylum. The album version of
this song does not do it justice. It is an incredible song live and there is
a live version on the b-side of the "Runaway Train" single. We used to play
this acoustic, but a 'full' band version is also great. Again,
questions/comment/requests email me at:

Band: Soul Asylum
Song: Never Really Been
Album: Made To Be Broken



Verse 1:
D                          C      C                         D
Sirens are a screaming, shots rang out at night
D  C#  B     G          A  Asus4
Movie cameras rollin' in....
And there goes my hero, with his head between his legs
And all this time I believed in him....

Bridge (same as intro)

Verse 2:
Now what is the sound of snow falling down
On a tombstone in the dead of night
And who is the hound at the downtown dog pound
Who speaks English when the watchman's not in sight
G                              A
And where will you be in 1993?
D  C#  B  G                    A  Asus4
Still sitting in the same chair
Sitting is for sinners and I'm just a beginner
And I've never really been much else


Verse 3:
Hey ain't it strange how something's never change
Ain't it strange how nothing stays the same
You were thinking I was distressed about some universal press
I was just impressed about my last pinball game


I've learned to accept and to expect
The respect and neglect that I get
And I try not to forget about what hasn't happened yet
And on this I place my last bet
G                                            A
And did you get what you give? Did you get what you give?
D  C#  B  G                      A   Asus4
But your best shall wear and tell
Winning is for winners and I know 'Luck Street' follows winners
But I've never really been much else
G                                                  A
You know it's harder to be nice, when hate becomes your vice
D  C#  B  G                        A   Asus4
And you can't find peace anywhere
Love is not just for lover's, get off your high horse brother
Drop your fists and get out of here
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