Soul Survivor - The Flood chords

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Soul survivor 2013. enjoy :)
No capo

Intro: Am7 Em F

Am7            C2        C
Hope is coming like a flood
Am7             C2        Cadd9
Even in the desert it is rising up
Am7                 C2      C
Hearts have found their home again
Spirit come

   Am7               C2    Cadd9
It all comes down to a God of love
Am7                  C2        C
Never losing heart, never giving up
Am7               C2  Cadd9
Put us on our feet again
G                     C
Teach us how to dance again

       Am7        C2     C
There's enough for everyone
        Am7       C2    Cadd9
Let the rain of heaven come
        Am7      C2  C
There is love for everyone
       Am7    C2     Cadd9
In.the flood, flood, flood

Verse 2:
Am7            C2         C
Now we're coming back to life
Am7            C2                 Cadd9
Freedom being born,let the dead man rise
Am7            C2      C
We are coming back to life
In the flood

        Am7                F
It is time to dance it is time to rise
Am7                  F
Time to dance in the flood

Instrumental:  F   Dm    Am     G
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