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Sparks - Pineapple tab

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D                     D7
Tropical air helps us harvest all year 
    G 			  Bb
And serves to promote the vitamin C content 
   A                       D
In turn yielding greater demand 
    A      G             A		  D       
Pineapple: Got to send a case to the city jail 
    G                 A		  D
The warden likes it because it won't conceal 
            G   G/B     D  
Any sort of handmade weapons 
         G           G/B        D
That are baked right into their buns 
G                A      D 
And the taste is delectable 
						   G	 A
But won't the prisoners hit the table and shout 

    E7			  D         G          D 
Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple fulfills every need 
Pineapple: shares are gonna divide 
Pineapple: if in us you confide 
G              A		      D
Got a contract for all of the schools 
G                A	 	    D
They will use it for all of their meals 
                    G        G/B  D
Sure, the kids will throw it real far 
                  G        G/B   D
'Cause it ain't a milk chocolate bar 
G               A              D
But you know it don't stain so bad 
 						   G     A 
But won't the fling it at a friend and then shout 

Pineapple: tastes too healthy to me 
Pineapple: it's filled with vitamin C 
Pineapple: fulfills every need 
Pineapple: to all the ships at sea 
Pineapple: for the English at tea 
Pineapple: to the Siamese twins 
Pineapple: to heal those who have sinned 
Ship some to the Alpine skiing team 
The coach won't have to worry 'bout the calories 
Sure it ain't strudel (they're nice) 
But it helps your balance on ice 
Puts you back on the winning trail 

But don't the players moan and groan and then shout: 
Pineapple: we get it every old night 
Pineapple: but we're winning all right 
Pineapple fulfills every need 
Pineapple: shares are gonna divide 
Pineapple: if in us you confide 
Pineapple fulfills every need 
Pineapple: upward trends are forseen 
Pineapple: so invest in Big P 
Pineapple fulfills every need 
Pineapple: and the tins can be used 
Pineapple: for anything that you choose 
Pineapple, pineapple 

We'll jet you there, breathe the Hawaiian air 
Where hula is life, and luaus are for the wife 
So visit our factory soon 

by: Josť Duarte
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