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Spill Canvas - Secret Oath chords

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chords used:
G - 3x0033
Cadd9 - x3x033
D9 - xx0233 or x00233
Em9 - 022033

e |------------------------------|
B |------------------------------|
G |------------------------------|
D |----------------5-5-5-5-5-5---|
A |--5s3~~~~-x2----3-3-3-3-3-3---|
E |------------------------------|

intro riff:

e |---------------------------------5-5s7-7~-7s10~~--8~~-888h10p87573------|
B |-----3--------------3~~-1~~~--1s3-3-------------------------------------|
G |0-2h4--2p0-2p0-0-2h4----------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|

riff 1: 

e |---------------|
B |---------------|
G |---------------|
D |---------------|
A |---------------|
E |--2--0--2------|
verse 1:

G           D9 Cadd9
I'm racking my brain

G           D9 Cadd9
Trying to comprehend

G         D9 Cadd9
How for some unknown reason

    G                  D9 Cadd9
Our status will remain as friends

intro riff x1

verse 2:

G              D9 Cadd9
I'm destroying my mind

G           D9 Cadd9
Trying to understand

         G                  D9  
How with little to no effort

Cadd9                    G               D9 Cadd9
You've got me eating out of the palms of your hands


Em9       D9    G           riff 1
There was not a single spark

Em9     D9          Cadd9    D9
When my lips landed on yours in the dark

Em9    D9         G                riff 1    
But regardless of what happens next

Em9         D9         Cadd9              D9
You're my beloved, you just don't know it yet


G         Em9   D9 Cadd9
Tonight I made a secret oath

G   Em9   D9 Cadd9
To keep chasing after you

G            Em9   D9 Cadd9
And I am not going to stop

G           Em9     D9 Cadd9
Whether you like it or not

intro riff x1

verse 2 x1

pre-chorus x1

chorus x2


you can play intro riff or figure it out if you want. the chords are the same as the verse.


     Em9                D9 
Yeah, I know you listen to all 

Alone up in your room, I know

Em9                   D9      Cadd9 (strum once, let ring out)
You love how all this music's about you

that's all, folks
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