Spill Canvas - Secret Oath tab

Secret Oath
the spill canvas
'One Fell Swoop'
half step tuning
By: Nataku

intro (Bass converted to guitar)

|---------| 4x

guitar 1  (~ 0:13)

|---------------| If you're using an electric guitar,
|---------------| turn your volume to mute, hit the first
|-5--5-5-5-5-55-| (x35xxx) chord, then turn the volume up.
|-3--3-3-3-3-33-| This creates a neat volume swell effect. If you're
|---------------| using an acoustic like me, palm muting works =]

guitar 2

|-----------0h3-3-------------------3-3-3-3-0-| I'm pretty sure this is it.
|-2h4p0-3p0-----------------------------------| If not, its the closest i've
|-0h2p0---------------------------------------| gotten for a while, it sounds
|---------------------------------------------| pretty close, the 03030350 part
|---------------------------------------------| is kind of shaky though. I could
                                       have it backwards. Switch the
                            B-3's with the e0's and it might
                   be that way? If neither sound
        right, i'd appreciate someone
the accurate version in a                                                 comment. Yay!
If you're                                                 satisfied with this version, 
                                                the next section (titled
                                                Chords, anyone?)

!!!! Chords, anyone?
 - If the above is hard for you, try this:
  -- It's nowhere close, but if you're in
   --- the mood for an acoustic cover...

A5, Gmaj

|-0--0-      -0--0h3-3-0-----3-|
|-0--0-      -0--0h3-3-0-----3-|
|-2--0-  x3  -2--0---0-2-----0-|
|-2--0-      -2--0-----2p0h2-0-|
|-0--2-      -0--2-----0-----2-|
|-0--3-      -0--3-----0-----3-|

pre chorus

|----------|   *Then revert to the bass-gone-guitar riff

I'm pretty sure thats it. Kind of repetitive for a 5:04 song, yeh?
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