Spineshank - New Disease tab

Spineshank: New Disease

Transcribed by: mysticguitar77 (disturbedfreak0520@yahoo.com)

YouTube Username: MysticGuitar77

Date last modified: February 17, 2011

Tuning: Drop Bb/A# (A#,F,A#,D#,G,C) 2 full steps down from Drop D tuning.

Notes: I've noticed there's not a whole lot of accurate Spineshank tabs on the internet
and specifically for this song which is a shame since these guys are so talented. The
tuning is a typical Spineshank tuning, it's very low, but it's not as crazy as it looks since
it's simply just 2 steps down from Drop D tuning. A 7-string is recommended, but since
Spineshank doesn't use 7-string's, I'm tabbing like they play it and like I play it in 
my cover on YouTube. Feel free to check my channel with the username I gave above to see 
my cover.

Riff 1
C |--------------------------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------------------------|
F |-0---------0-6---------6-5---------5-3----------3-|

Note: Riff 1 requires some stretching, but I'm positive this is the way it's played. Let
all notes ring out.

Play Riff 1 x2

Riff 2   "Now, I can take this, everything I know..."
C |----------------------|
G |----------------------|
F |-2-2--2-2----2-2--2-2-|

Play Riff 2 x4

Riff 3   "Blame myself again for what I didn't do..."
C |-----------------------------|
G |-----------------------------|
F |-2-2--2--2h3---2-2--2--2h3---|

Play Riff 3 x4
Play Riff 1 x2   "Nobody...change my mind..."
Play Riff 2 x3   "Is this all worth what this has done to me..."
Play Riff 3 x4   "F*ck morality and everything I know..."
Play Riff 1 x4   "Nobody...change my mind..."

Riff 4   "Seething in my head, I'm suffering instead..."
C |------------------------------|
G |------------------------------|
F |-2-3-0-3-3-5-3--2-3-0-3-3-5-3-|

Play Riff 4 x2   (guitar is played solo at first, the rest of the band kicks in later w/
the guitar still playing the same riff)
Play Riff 4 x4   "Doubt, did I ever want this, it all could have been..."
Play Riff 1 x4   "Nobody...change my mind..."

Riff 5 (light distortion)   "But it still becomes a new disease."
C |-------------------------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------------------------|
F |-5-----5---5-------------------------------------|

Play Riff 5 x2

Believe or not, that's all to this song! Very easy to play, but very fun. Enjoy!
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