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Splodgenessabounds - Anarchy Chaos Stanley Ogden chords

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Great track off of their 1980 self titled LP.  Missing some lyrics and the end guitar run.

INTRO:   G     Bb    Eb    Bb   x8

VERSE: same chords as intro

Bet Lynch is always ready to go
She goes to the club with Ken Barlow
But he nicked Len Faircloughs   ????
Emily Nugent  ???  Birchalls Knee
Eddie Yates has got big balls
Whatever happened to Ena Sharples
Dierdrie works in the corner shop
Ernie Bishop got shot

D        C         Bb        Eb  Bb  Eb   Bb
Ooo     oooo     Anarchy chaos Stanley ogden   x2

Elsie Tanners got a ginger head
Housewife Renee shes dead
Mavis Riley is full of crap
Albert Tatlock lost his cap
Arnold took Emily to the alter
Someone ripped off Annie Walker
Susie Birchall is tasty meat
Everyone is a junkie in the street


BREAK:  D   D    B    B   x4

Eddies always in the nick
Arnold Swain is a prick
???  balls are nearly gilder
They dont take no shit from Hilda
Betty Turpins gots sweaty quim
She showed it to Mike Baldwin
Kens wife died of a nasty burn
While he was in the rovers return


BREAK:  D  D  B  B  x4

OUTRO:  C   D  E  E  x2
        C   D  B  B

(run down at end. Not sure of chords here)
Anarchy chaos and Stanley Ogden

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