Spocks Beard - She Is Everything chords

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This lines up with the studio recording, just be sure to get the rhythm.  It sounds 
great on acoustic guitar, and is as accurate as I could get.  Might be some missing 
embellishments, here and there, but nothing major.

I've seen tabs for this song requested, a few places.  I think this is the only tab for 
it online, right now.


-Cory "CorMac1981"




Gm                  F         C
The first breath of summer in warm morning rain

Gm                    F           C
Where crimson flowers covered the ground...


Bb     F
She is everything

    Dm          Gm
The sacred, the pure

    Bb       F
The fix, the addiction

    Dm          Gm
The vision, the cure

Bb                 F
She rings down the years

           Dm         Gm
'Round the corners we turned

   Cm          Bb            F
An ember still burns to this day

    Cm           Bb     F
But now it's all fading away

F      Gm        F C
She is everything
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