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Sponge Cola - In Another tab

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Title      :	In Another
Artist     :	Sponge Cola
Album      :	Sponge Cola

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Verse I:

G                 D        Bm         A  
If your world gets lost,Rest assured I am yours
 G           D         Bm               A       
Even for a while, will make it last a million miles

(Do Stanza Chords)
Don't ever be afraid life
Has ways of keeping you safe, across this endless stars
I'll take you home it won't be long


   Bm            F#m    A     Bm         F#m    G              
I'm still not used to life, being spent without you

          A      Bm       Bm        F#m      A          B 
Every breathing moment, I'll be counting the days and nights

 F#m    G     A       F#m   G        A          Bm-F#m-A 
Till I'm free to fly,free to fly with you by my side

Verse II:(Verse Chords)
On the fields I chase the answers
Been in front of my face
Tomorrow I can see
I live, I breathe for you and me

(Do stanza Chords)
I hang on to the sound, as your whole day around
Complete and I leap forward from my sleep
 Never let you go, Never close my eyes
As we touch the ground,you I'll protet with my life

(Stanza Chords)
If your world gets lost, rest assured I am yours
I'm still not used to life, being spent without you every
breathing moment, I'll e counting the days and nights
Till I'm free to fly, free to fly with you by me side.

Adlib: G-D-Bm-A (2x)

/   RoCk En RoLL   \
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