Spring Awakening - Whispering chords

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Em                   G
               C                             Em
Here the ghosts in the moonlight
Em                         G
Sorrow doing a new dance
                      C                       D
Through their bone, through their skin

Em                    G
           C                            Em
To the souls in the fool's night
Em                      G
Fumbling mutely with their rude hands
                 C                         D
And there's heartache without end

             C                    Em 
See the father bent in grief
       G                        A
The mother dressed in mourning
                  C                  Em
Sister crumbles, and the neighbors grumble
      G                          A
The preacher issues warnings

Em            G
C                             Em
Little miss didn't do right
Em                       G
Went and ruined all the true plans
C                                D
Such a shame. Such a sin.

Em             G
C                                  Em
Home alone on a school night
Em                         G
Harvest moon over the blue land
              C                  D
Summer longing on the wind

        C                       Em 
Had a sweetheart on his knees
     G                    A
So faithful and adoring
            C                           Em 
And he touched me. And I let him love me.
     G                    A
So let that be my story

Em               G
            C                          Em
For the hope, for the new life
Em                           G
Something beautiful, a new chance
Hear its whispering
There again
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