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Sprung Monkey - Elevator Boy tab

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Artist:		Sprung Monkey
Title:		Elevator Boy
Tuning:		Standard
Tabbed By:	Jacko

Chords Used:

    E  Asus2  F#
E ------------2---|
B ------------2---|
G -------2----3---|
D --1----2----4---|
B --2---------4---|
E --2---------2---|


E Asus2 (X 4)

Verse I:

       E        Asus2
I'm an elevator boy
               E          Asus2
Just trying to get to the top
             E                   Asus2
And I'm like curtains drawn in a window
             E       Asus2
You'll never see too much

(I'm not sure this section is technically a chorus - Maybe Verse II..??)

          E           Asus2
I'm not a puppet on a string
         F#             Asus2
Ready to move where you guide me
  E             Asus2
A toy without a mind
                 F#             Asus2
Can't you see me dancing like a fool
     E   Asus2
Well I'm scared
            F#              Asus2
But it's my fears that will take me
E    Asus2
Lift me
F#   Asus2
Send me

And on she goes...
Listen to the track for the strumming pattern.
It's a really simple song to play but sounds really cool.

PS.  I haven't tabbed the part that starts "I will not stop 'till I reach my dream"...I 
usually play
     it.  If anyone works it out (I'm assuming it's some combination of the 3 chords) 
go ahead and
     post it in the comments.

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