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Squeeze - Womans World chords

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Intro :
E A C#m  A

E                A           E		  A
The crown of the kingdom is given to the woman 
E		    A       E		      A
The kingdom of the kitchen where she says she shouldn't, 
D  			Bm			A	B
There on the stainless steel her cigarettes and matches   
C#m		F#m		        E
Whistles to the radio to every hook she catches, 
But the frowns 
Eider downs, 
Tie her down 
A					E (A C#m A)
But she likes to wear the crown of the kingdom. 

E	       A    	E	A
She like the recipes a touch of oriental 
E		  A	  E	       A
Steaming up the windows burning egg on metal, 
D		 Bm		     A   B
Sees in a catalogue a shiny new appliance 
C#m	              F#m	         E
Another role swallowed by the wonders of science, 
Lobster hands 
Omelette pans, 
A				        E (A C#m A)
How the crown can stick like jam in her kingdom. 

G#			C#m
He's been so busy and she's been neglected, 
G#			    C#m
The problem is computed and always it's rejected, 
G#	      A	           F#m
Out of her heart I catch a spark, 
And being smart 
            G#               A			 F#m	B
The crown is left out in the dark now there's no kingdom. 

F#		B	     F#  	B
Fed up with the glory she abdicates her title 
F#                B	   F#                B
Sitting at a bar stool she gives her day's recital, 
    E		     C#m
The family watch in horror 
	               B	(C#)
As she staggers up the hallway
Makes herself a sandwich 
G#m       			F#
As they're looking through the doorway, 
She goes to bed 
Leg by leg, 
Nothing's said 
           B				  F#
There's no crown upon her head there's no kingdom. 

F#	  (E)F# 		B	 
Press the button on the toaster 
It's a woman's world, 
F#	(E)F# 		D
Tuck the sheets in on the bed 
It's a woman's world, 
F#	    (E)F# 		D
Take your apron from your holster 
It's a woman's world, 
F#	   (E)F# 		B
Shoot the crown off of your head 
It's a woman's world.
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