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Squeeze - Cool For Cats tab

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1979 - Words & Music by Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook.

D/F# - 200232

Intro - G  D/F#  Em  Dm  C  G/B  Am

Verse 1
The indians send signals
D/F#     Em                  Dm
From the rocks above the pass
The cowboys take positions
G/B    Am

In the bushes and the grass
The squaw is with the corporal
She is tied against the tree
She doesnt mind the language
Its the beating she dont need
She lets loose all the horses
When the corporal is asleep
       G                       D/F#
And he wakes to find the fires dead
    Em                Dm
And arrows in his hat
And davy crockett rides around
And says its cool for cats

Chorus 1

     F        Em        A7
It's cool for cats
              Cool for Cats

Same chords throughout
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