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Squish - Shit Widout U tab

Hey i am an official member of squish and we fucknin rock.
 this is our l8est hit single and it kicks ass.

D                 A
if i could have nethin i want
Bm           G
id ask 4 u.
D                  A
but u dont give a shit bout me
Bm                    G
u dont like me 2

D          A
u n i both no u can do
Bm                     G
way betta than me
D                A        Bm           G
i just wish ud open ur eyes then u would c.....
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D            De7
i would do nethin 4 u
G                            A
nethin u want me 2 do
D            De7                    G
cant u c im shit widout u
         A                                             G         A
y cant u feel the same way dat i doooooo

y cant u feel da same way dat i do.

thats just the first verse and the chorus ill do the rest wen i have time.
by the way this     De7 chord is one i made up it looks like this.
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