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Sra - Sultan Of The Sands tab

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Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 14:49:22 -0800
From: brandon <>
Subject: guitar tab

tab by:Brent Grummons
artists name:SRA
song name: Sultan of the Sands
written by:SRA

                     E                     G
verse 1:   He's got curly toes, he's got sand in his clothes.  He wears
green Airwalk                                 G
E                           G
           shoes,he wants to kill all the Jews.His only mission in
life,is  to stab a
A                             G
           reg with a knife.  He says it's a small price to pay, to
belong to the KKK!

                    E, G                        A, G
E, G
chorus:    He is the king of the sand.  He's always in command!  He is
the king of the                             A, G
           sand.  He's always in command!

                       E, G, A    	             G				 E, G,
verse 2:   He rides his camel into town, where he gets thrown around.
All these years
G                              E, G, A
           of being down, then you wonder why he wears a frown.  He is
as racist as they
G                                     E, G, A
           come!  Marching to the beat of his own drum.  He doesn't
really care what you                                    G
           have to say, he's gonna be racist anyway.

                                  *REPEAT CHORUS 1 MORE TIME*
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