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Stacie Orrico - Easy To Luv You chords

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my first original tab, pleas coment.

intro- C Am7 G F
(Feelin good
I'm so bad at this, I really am)

Ooooh sha la la
Sha la la

verse 1- C Am7 G F
Feel love when i look into your eyes
I get butterflies
Almost everytime
(there will always be those butterflies)
Hey love, everytime we meet
Boy I get so weak
I can't even speak
Oh no

pre chorus- Dm C G 
I wish you could be here all the time
Ohh, cause baby you belong at my side

Hey, (hey) what more can I say (say)
I'm always thinkin of you (you)
You make it so easy to love you (you)
Baby baby babe (babe)
It's never too hard to (to)
Revolve my world around you (you)
Hey, (you) you make it so easy to love you

verse 2: C Am7 G F
Every night we spend
(every night we spend)
I dont want it to end
Let it start over again
(again and again)
Say, love
With you I feel at ease
Things that seemed important don't seem that important
(dont seem that important)
'Least that way to me

pre chorus- Dm C G
Boy you know i hate when you leave
Oh won't you please just stay here with me


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