Starfield - Rediscover You chords

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Rediscover You by Starfield

Capo 2

G  Cadd9  D 2x

Verse 1
G                                Cadd9 G
I need to just admit my faith is paperthin
                      Cadd9      D
I'm feeling so burned out on religion
G                              Cadd9  G
I say an empty prayer I sing a tired song
                 Cadd9          D           Am7
I need to just admit that the passion's gone

Pre-Chorus 1
      C              D
And I want to get it back

Em      Cadd9    G               D
    You told me look for You and I will find
Em         Cadd9         G                 D
    So I'm here like I'm searching for the first time
Em    Cadd9    G               D          Am7
    Revive me, Jesus make this cold heart start to move
  C            D          ( Em  Cadd9  G  D  2x ) 
*Help me rediscover You

For bridge hold G
*For outro hold C

Verse 2
G                                    Cadd9 G
I want to learn to pray the way that David prayed
                  Cadd9       D         G
I want my soul to burn when I hear Your name
                    Cadd9         D          G
I want to feel like new I want to hunger for You
                 Cadd9          D       Am7
Bring me back to life like only You can do

Pre-Chorus 2
              C                D
Cause I don't want to stay the same

       D/F#             Em    
Lord I want to be Yours today
          D/F#              Cadd9
I want to know the passions of the Saints
        Am7                  Em  Cadd9  G  D  2x
And how they were changed

C            Am7            C
   I want to burn for you
Bring me back to life
      C           D      G
Jesus help me rediscover You
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