Starfield - Absolutely chords

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C#m     A      E      B
Verse 1:
C#m            A
Lover of my soul
E               B
I want to tell you
C#m          A        E       B
Only you have all of me

C#m          A
I cannot contain
E          B
My adoration
C#m      A         E         B
I'm in love so desperately

               F#m           B
No one is as lovely as You are
And there is no one else
Who has my heart

  E                    B
Jesus, you have me completely
Every breath that I breathe
           A         B
I am absolutely in love
  E                 B
Jesus, I am yours forever
All of me surrenders
           A        B        C#m   A   E   B
I am absolutely in love with you

 B            F#m
All I am is yours
Only yours

ps. the second time that you play the chorus to transition into the bridge, instead of 
the C#m   A   E   B you replace it with F#m then go straight into the bridge.

thnx and enjoy 
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