Starfield - Holy Is Our God chords

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Holy Is Our God

Intro (Electric)

Verse 1
  F               Am                        G
Lift your hands, of saints of God, lift up your hands
F                  Am              G
Sing for joy unto the risen Son of man
   F              Am                 G
Celebrate the life that's been reborn in you
F             Am                       G
Celebrate the One who's making all tings new

Pre Chorus
F          C             G
Hallelujah Christ is King
F          C              G
Hallelujah, rise and sing

Chorus 1
F       Am           G
      Holy is our God wonderful is He
F         Am             G 
      Holy is the Lord Almighty

F Am

Verse 2
Fall before your maker, every creature fall
Let your heart be still and know that He is God
Tremble at the feet of him upon the throne
Tremble men and angels before Him alone

Pre Chorus

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
Holy is our God
The prince of perfect peace
Holy is the Lord Almighty

Bridge (3x)
     Am                       F
To the One who reigns forever
       C                    G
To the ancient of all days
        Am               F                C          G
Be the glory, power, majesty, and praise

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
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