Starfield - Captivate chords

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Artist: Starfield

Standard tuning

Capo 5 

Intro: D A Bm7 G2

D                                  A
You say, strength is found in weakness
Peace in incompleteness
So why do I hold on'

D		A
You look, For a heart that's open
For beauty in the broken
So why am I withdrawn

Em7               A7
My soul's screaming out
Em7             A7
To be found in You

D                    Bm7
Spirit draw me to my knees
Em                                A7
Captivate all of me, all of me
D                   Bm7
Here before You honestly
Em                                  G#m    D(hold)
Captivate all of me, all of me

(same as in verse 1)
D		    A
I'm so messy and distracted
Undisciplined and tactless
Here on the inside

D		           A
I thought age would tell the secrets
But the secrets are still secret
And the years are passing by

Em7              A          G2
Teach me to wait in the moments of my need
Em7              A                      G2
Teach me to hear the melodies of peace
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