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Starrfadu - Walt To The Rivers Edge tab

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Capo 1

G: 355433     Am: 577555

C     F     G           F
I'll waltz down to the river's edge
C     F     G           F
I'll step right to the shore
C     F   G            F
Take my head in your hands
         C    F        G       F
and lay me into the waters below
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Am  G     F          C           G
My soul cried as my life was reborn
Am     G    F           C            G
I've found hope in the light of the Son...
                  C     F   G    F
the light of the Son.

same pattern for rest of song:

Years we played at the water's edge
Years we drank from its shore
How has time changed this common ground
To streams that bring life to reform.

Could this change I hear of you speak
Bring forth all of the hope that I seek...
All that I seek.

I'll waltz with you to the river's edge
I'll step with you to the shore
And take your head in my hands
And lay you into the waters below

He cared not for the things that you've done
Find your hope in the light of the Son...
The light of the Son.
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