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My Radio by Stars
Nightsongs, 2001

Tabbed by Thomas Buhler
If you find any mistakes, or have any questions about this tab, email me at:

On guitar, I recommend playing (020100) for E7, rather than (020130).

Dm                             C
   It's hard to remember days, mornings lost in a chronic haze.
E7                                    Am
Breath is fast and the trains are slow. I barely feel it though.
Dm                       C
All day long I fantasize; in the dark, behind all the people's eyes,
E7                          Am
   And when they disappear, words get lost in the atmosphere.
Dm                              C                          E7
   The truth I tell, I tell the truth. Sixteen on a summer roof.
You ask for facts, well I'll give you proof. (Here's the truth)
                                        sung on 2nd repeat -^
Dm              C
Hot sun on skin, that crimson dress too thin.
E7                        Am
   All winter up her woods. I touched it, it felt good.

F     G          C   G
All I want is my radio
F     G          C   G
All I want is my radio

Dm                              C
   He speaks in a voice I know, sounds like sand when the tide is low.
E7                                    Am
   We kissed to that voice each night bathed in bare reactor light.
Dm                               C
   I cry when the morning comes. Count my blessings and my phones.
E7                                       Am
Say "Thanks, God" for whatever comes and quickly cross my fingers.
Dm                             C
All I want is a room somewhere far away from the chemo air.
    E7                       Am
But when I go, my radio will play a melody that lingers.

F     G          C   G
All I want is my radio
F       G      C          G
Station ninety-nine point oh
F        G   C          G
Tell the DJ, DJ keep it slow
F       G           Am
Like to fade volume low


CHORUS (repeat till fadeout)
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