Stars - The First Five Times chords

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			 The First Five Times - STARS
Tabbed by:  Cash_way

Tuning: Standard

This is my first tab and is very simplified for a song I have enjoyed for a while now, 
here it is.


C    F
C    F          Repeat For every line below.
C    F    G

First time in the back yard underneath the plastic sheeting out side it was pouring and 
were drunk as shit.

Next time at a party when all our friends were there, thereís nothing like those 
underneath the stairs.

Third time in a door way, lights all on around and the audience beside us your man 
from the trees.

Fourth time I said thatís that youíve agreed to give me everything. So Iíve got to ask 
one last thing, keep doing that forever.

Fifth time in your bedroom and finally we rested and you leaned upon your elbow and 
to speak to me.

But you stopped yourself and kissed me and I grabbed your wrist and told you, I know I 
I know I feel the same as you.


C     G            Am                     G
And every day itís changed since then.
In every way Iíve changed since then.         x2

Driven outside and driven in.	   x2

Ah, ah, ah...  (fade out at this point)
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