Starsailor - Tell Me Its Not Over tab

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I worked this out from a life version i saw.....
so its got a good chance of being alright :)  
once again, im only 15, so if its a loada shizz, 
keep your hair on mate (Y)

F#m7 - 022033
Cadd9 - 0320033
G - 320033
A/G# - 200033

i know the chord numbers might not be right, 
but the idea is that (if your familiar with playing wonderwall you'll be fine) 
you dont ever move you 3rd and 4th fingers. 

Capo 3rd Fret

F#m7         Cadd9          G     A/G#
Thought Id lost you once again 
F#m7     Cadd9                  G          A/G#
All that drinking bought some trouble to our name    

Late at night I feel no shame 
All my old world stories 
Take me back again
email me with corrections or what not. :) 
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