Starship - Its Not Over Til Its Over chords

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It's Not Over ('Till It's Over)

This song is fairly simple. I may be putting the solo up later so keep your eyes 
open. This is an incredible song, one of the best ever written in my opinion. Enjoy =)

Note: a slash after a chord means a fall after the chord (a slide down). A chord 
before the words means it's played before the singing and chords after the words 
means they're played before the next line. All these chords are power chords if 
you don't know what a 5 chord is. Enjoy =)



Verse 1

Bb5 /
         we dont call the shots here
F5 Eb5/                                      Eb5\ F5
             we dont make the rules
        we take what we get
                           Eb5 C5 Eb5 F5
get what we can

       That's learning the hard way
F5 Eb5/                              Eb5 F5
            here on the streets
       you can't build a dream 
                       Eb5 C5 Eb5 F5
without a plan


(I shall speak)
let them hear you speak
Bb5m D5m Eb5m
(play for keeps)
they play to win
we play for keeps


Bb5  F5 Eb5                                 F5 
                      its not over til its over
Bb5r F5 Eb5	F5
                    its not over til we get it right

(bass and drums)

Verse 2

       The odds are against us
F5 Eb5/	 Eb5 F5
             they say we dont stand a chance
        well theres no givin up
                  Eb5 C5 Eb5 F5
no givin in

       when push comes to shove
F5 Eb5/                                                      Eb5 F5
            you got to fight for what you love
         you do what you must
                              Eb5 C5 Eb5 F5
do what you can


(repeat chorus 2x)
get it

(guitar solo)

Bridge no guitar
the odds are against us
ya know we still stand a chance
theres no givin up
no givin in
its not over.....

(repeat chorus w/variation to fade)
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