State Radio - Held Up chords

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Unreleased State Radio Song.

Em		   G		     Am
Bought the old farmland for a song 
Am           C                   Dm
Sold it for many reasons 

Too many of them wrong 
	       G                 C
Horseshoe bets and the women that came along 
Am			  Em	    Am
Blind-drunk on their demon rum 

Is knowledge a product of his loneliness 
A mad cousin to his holiness 
Maniacs in cages 
And patriots and sages 
A cruel old/on telling of the books 

C   E    Am
But I'll not give 
G  Am            E
Myself, to the ground 
   C   E      Am   G
I kill more than I 
Am  E   G
Live so slowly 
Am  E   G
Live so slowly 

Em G Am C Em C Am Em Am

Say one thing and then do another 
Bunker down in your alsatian den
We 'aint got room for your politics here 
Politicians make a bad name for the con-man 

And water felt like burning metal 
Set off by a dying sun 
Them women they circle 
Like covered wagons crying 
Their loved ones back from where they, gone 

And I'll not give 
Myself to the ground 
I kill more than I 
Live so slowly 
Live so slowly

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