Statler Brothers - Theres A Man In Here chords

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There's a man in here who turns water to wine
       C                                          G
And He walked on the water and gives sight to the blind

And He gives back life to the ones that's dead
       A7                     D7
And He fed four thousand with seven loaves of bread

There's a man in here who makes demons flee
          C                                  G
Who makes cripples walk and He's chosen even me
For He lives in my heart and I'll have no fear
      G                          D7     G
I'm a better man cause there's a man in here

There's man in here that I'm looking for
        C                                 G
Cries a man who could find no room at the door

So they lowered him down on a stretcher bed
A7                  D7
And Jesus looked at him and said

All your sins are all now gone this day
        C                    G
Take up your bed and go your way
And as he walked through the crowed they heard him declare
      G                      D7     G
I can tell you all there's a man in there

There's a man in here the Disciples cried
         C                            G
When the ship was tossed from side to side

So they woke him up as the waves blew high
         A7                  D7
And said don't you care that we're about to die

And He said peace be still and when the wind had laid
        C                                  G
He said where's your faith why were you so afraid
And when they saw that the sea was smooth and clear
          G                      D7       G
They said thank you God that the man's in here

Repeat #1 and 2

                                 D7     G
I'm a better man cause there's a man in here
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