Status Quo - Are You Growing Tired Of My Love tab

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People who think that Status Quo only played three chords should take a look at this 
baby. A masterpiece of vintage Quo.

Piano Intro.....
A       E        D         A

Verse 1
You never seem,
Bm                          G        E      A
Seem to have the time, to listen to what I say.
A          D                  Bm
How can I know just what goes on in your mind?
         C          D.............D7
If you always walk away.

Verse 2
So what's the good?
What's the good in trying?
       F       D          G
And hanging around you begging for your love.
          C                    Am
When it seems there's someone else in your dreams
        F                     E...........E7
And I can't be sure of you anymore.


A                 E
Are you growing tired of my love?
G                 D
Have you had too much of my love?
A        C#m     F#m         B
Are you growing tired of my love?
G              D             A..........A
Where is the love you once gave me?

Verse 3

And when we meet,
Things are not the same now,
       G     E     A
You always hurry away.
              D                  Bm
And all the plans that once you used to share with me,
       C                     D...........D7
Are ignored now and you're bored now.

Verse 4

I guess we're through,
Am                            F         D            G
Still I go on hoping because you never put it into words.
         C                   Am
And you see, you should be honest with me,
          F                  E..................E7
Wll I've got to find what is in your mind.

Chorus then
Chorus to fade.................
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