Status Quo - Paradise Flat tab

Tabbed By: Belavista Man
On: 04/05/07

 The introduction chords are written for keyboard, but here they are for guitar. It
best if you get a good sound on your guitar (that can sustain notes for a longish period of
play the chords in powerchord shape, then slide to the following chords instead of 
them (for example, only play the Cm then slide D#, then to D, before returning to stum

 The chords are: Cm, D#, D, Cm, A#, Bm.

and here is the main guitar intro:
G|----------------------------------------| Play 4 times...

And the chord connecting the intro to the first verse is: C5

Chords used in this TAB:
  Cm     D#     D      A#    Bm
|-8--| |-11-| |-10-| |-6-| |-7-|
|-8--| |-11-| |-10-| |-6-| |-7-|
|-8--| |-12-| |-11-| |-7-| |-7-|
|-11-| |-13-| |-12-| |-8-| |-8-|
|-11-| |-13-| |-12-| |-8-| |-8-|
|-8--| |-11-| |-10-| |-6-| |-7-|
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