Steam Powered Giraffe - Captain Albert Alexander chords

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Capo on the 4th fret

When playing, keep the high e string open during the entire song.
When he was a boy
he wanted to play
Am           F/C
down by the sea

At age thirteen
everyday after school
Am              F/C                
he would always sail around the lake

All the people would stand and stare
as he sailed around with precision and care
With his bi-corner hat and the way he would stand
he looked just like a Navy man
Am                                   F/C
All the townsfolk would gather and say, and sing away

C                 F/C
Captain Albert Alexander
            G                 F/C
He'll be a brave seafarer someday
          C              F/C
But that Captain Albert Alexander
G                    F/C
He'll go down in the waves

By age twenty four
he had left the shore
and was sailing for the Queen

On a dark starry night
Albert awoke to the sound
of his Captain screaming as he was drowned

The Navy crew was taking a lick
pirates had invaded the ship
But Albert with one aimed harpoon
ignited their rum with a spark and soon
flames drove the pirates away
the Navy sang

Captain Albert Alexander
Saved his crew from pirate slaughter
But that Captain Albert Alexander
He'll go down in the water

Now everyone dance
Dance. Dance.

Twenty some odd years later
On his ship The Sea Slater
He sailed into a mass of blubber

Gazing up to the sky
stood a large walrus
that was a hundred stories high, it meant no harm

The walrus was in a great deal of pain
It suffered from a tusk with tooth decay
Albert threw his anchor 'round it's tusk
with a little bit of pulling it was out by dusk
The walrus thanked Albert and sang, as he sailed away

Captain Albert Alexander
Friend to sea urchin and me
But that Captain Albert Alexander
He'll go down in the sea

      E/7                    Am
At a ripe old age lightning struck from the sky
     E/7                     Am
and split Albert's vessel in two
     E/7            Am          
One hundred men fled for their lives
     E/7                  Am
on rafts across the ocean blue

Am                   F/C           
Albert stood at the stern of his ship
   Am               F/C
A giant octopus had him in it's grip
   Am                  F/C
A vortex of spiraling death below ripped
   Am                         F/C
and sharks and electric eels all made the trip 
to see Albert
C                         F/C 
sink to the bottom of the sea

Am                  F/C
Just before he went down
Am                  F/C
he called out to his crew
Am                   F/C
It's obvious that my time has come
      Am              F/C
I'll let this ending ensue
      Am                       F/C 
I've led an exciting nautical life it would seem
            Am                   F/C
and there's no better end than a death by the sea
His crew sang

Captain Albert Alexander
He went down in the sea
But that Captain Albert Alexander
He'll go down in history

That Captain Albert Alexander
He went down in the sea


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