Steam Powered Giraffe - Steam Man Band Reprise chords

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Song: Steam Man Band (reprise)
Album: Album One
Artist: Steam Powered Giraffe

This is totally my interpretation of the chords and not very similar to what 
Michael plays (I'm pretty sure it's not even in the same key), it's just an overly 
simplified version.

Bm     F#m
Gather around

Bm         F#m
Please pay attention

  E                     A                  D
I think they'd like to thank you for your time

Bm                 F#m 
We're coming to a close

Bm                 F#m
But problems have arose

E                  A                 D                E
Apparently there's parts of me that stick around too long

   E              A            D           E       
So lucky for the audience they get another song

    Bm         F#m       D
And this one's just for you
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