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Steel Train - Leave You Traveling tab

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Standard Tuning
|Capo on 4|

Intro: G, C x2

C                                                                                 G
   You know I've been traveling for a long, long time
C                                                                                             G 
   I've seen the ends of this world, and I'm cold in your eyes
Am                                    F          C                         G
   If I leave you traveling, long way to carry me home

C                                                                 G
   There was this storm and it took my friend
C                                                                                         G   
   They found him the next day, he was cold and pretend
Am                                       F           C                                 G   
   If he leaves me traveling, long way it is to carry him home
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C                                                                                       G   
   And then I lost my brother to the bullets of your war
C                                                                                            G   
   They're gonna bomb your city, and the cold wind'll blow
Am                                  F            C                                            G
   And if I die before I learn to live, oh, he's gonna carry me home

Solo: Em, C, G
          Em, C, Am, G   

C                                                         G  
   I sent a letter to the woman that I loved
C                                                                          G
   It read Baby, I'm sorry, but I'm cold in your arms
Am                                                 F           C                        G
   And if she leaves me traveling, long way it is to carry her home
Am                                            F         C                                 G
   And if I leave you traveling, all I know is how to carry me home

Tabbed by FlyByNite

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