Steeleye Span - I See His Blood Upon The Rose chords

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Another Gay Woods led song. This one is featured on Bedlam Born, arguably the best 
album ever released by Steeleye Span since Parcel Of Rouges.

Em         C              Em
I see his blood upon the rose
            Am                     Em
And in the stars the glory of his eyes.
Em         C             Em
His body gleams amid eternals shows,
     Am                  Em
His tears fall from the sky.

Em           C                Em
All pathways by his feet are worn.
      Am                    Em
His strong heart stirs the sea.
Em             C                       Em
His crown of thorns is twined in our sorrow.
      Am               Em
His cross is on every tree.

D                         Em
I see his face in every flower;
D                                   Em
The thunder and the singing of the birds -
         Am              Em
Are his voice - and his power.
      Am               Em
Rocks are his written words.
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