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Steely Dan - Sign In Stranger chords

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#-----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------------#
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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 10:35:06 -0800 (PST)
From: Charles Seymour 
Subject: s/steely_dan/sign_in_stranger.crd

Song: Sign In Stranger
Album: The Royal Scam
Artist: Steely Dan
Transcribed by: Charles Seymour


Gm7  C


Gm7  C [x8]


You zombie

   F     Am7/E   Bb7
Be born again my friend 
             Gm7       C
Won't you....stranger 

VERSE 2: same as verse 1 except second line, which
adds the following

C   Dm7  C/E  Bb6



Fm7add9  Fm7  Gaug    G7#5
Love.....her, yellow fever 

C7sus4 Cm7   Bbmaj7         Fm7add9    Fm7         
Sure,                it's   all in the game 

    Dm7 D7sus4    G7
And who are       you 

Cm7  C7sus4   Bm7  B7sus4  Bbm7  Bb7sus4  Am7  A7sus4
Just a-       no-  ther    scur- vy       bro- ther 

INSTRUMENTAL [as verse 2]



G/A Gadd9/A G/A Gadd9/A G/A
Dsus4  D  [repeat and fade] 

Chord definitions:

Gm7: [35333x]
C: [x3555x]
F: [133211]
Am7/E: [002010]
Bb7: [6x676x]
Dm: [x5776]
C/E: [x7556x]
Bb6: [6x576x]
Fm7add9: [1x1113]
Gaug: [3xx443]
G7#5: [xxx144]
Cm7: [x35343]
Bbmaj7: [x13231]
Fm7: [1x111x]
Dm7: [xx0211]
D7sus4: [xx0213]
G7: [3x343x]
C7sus4: [x3534x]
Bm7: [x2423x]
B7sus4: [x2425x] 
Bbm7: [x1312x]
Bb7sus4: [x1314x]
Am7: [x0201x]
A7sus4: [x0203x]
G/A: [x00433]
Gadd9/A: [x00435]
Dsus4: [xx0233]
D: [xx0232]
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