Steep Canyon Rangers - The Mountains Gonna Sing chords

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intro: D  G  D  G

  D          G          D            G
Deep in the shade, the air stays cool
    Bm              A       D
Truest one, and I return to you
  D         G      D              G
Strike the fire,  hold back the night
  Bm         A      Em               G
See what remains of all I've left behind
      G                 D             G
I've just come for what peace I could find


      D                    Bm               A
And the mountains gonna sing this song for me
        C                        G                 D
Whoa oh oh, the mountains gonna sing this song for me
  C             D          G        D      G
Rock me off to sleep

D          G       D           G
All the stories that she did tell
    Bm                    A                  D
There in a stillness, I learned her lesson well
D         G           D       G
In words forgotten, forever pure
   Bm               A             D
Names unspoken and gone forever more
        G            D                G
And I have nothing left to lay upon her door


D               G       D         G
Beneath the laurels, pearls of rain
   Bm              A               D
Fall and shatter, and sink into the clay
D                 G      D               G
Wash away these hills, wash away the dawn
   Bm                 A                    D
Somehow there's still the strength to carry on
      G            D           G
The spirit ever lingers in a song


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