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Stellar Kart - The Right One tab

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Tabbed by: Bethany Harb

D                  G         A
it's time to say goodbye
D                  G          A
mistreated one too many times
D                  G             A       
mistakes that I have made
D                     G          A
along with these tears will fade 

G   A  G  A
away in time
G A      G   A
someday I'll find
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the right one
      G          A
my own shooting star
that someone
                   G              A
who won't break my heart
G            D           G      A  
I'll wait forever until we meet
          G                D
you're one in a million
G           A             D
the right one for me

it's time to start again
pick up the pieces and begin
I don't need anyone 
to tell me what I should become

I want more
I'm still waiting for 
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