Stephen Jerzak - Cute chords

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Intro: A

Verse 1:
                 A                         E
Your eyes are blue like the ocean and I'm lost out at sea
         A                             E
Did the sun just come out or did you smile at me?
            A                      E
I've been trying to ask you but I can't seem to speak
         A                                   E
Was it love at first sight, 'cause when I walked by last week
             D          E
I'm singin' Fa la la la la

Verse 2:
      A                               E
Your lips look so lonely, would they like to meet mine?
 A                               E
You are the one that I've been hoping to find
A                              E
You're so sweet that you get Hershey's out of business
       A                             E
Can I have a photograph to show my friends that angels truly exist
            D           E
I'm singin' Fa la la la la

And you're as cute as a button
The things you do sure are somethin'
          D              E
Are you running out of breath
        D                E          A
From running through my head all night?

Verse 3:
           A                          E
Is there something in your eye? Oh, wait it's just a sparkle
        A                        E
Can you get a little closer and help me out a little
            A                          E
'Cause I scraped my knee fallin' for you
    A                E
Oh baby a kiss will do
            D            E A
I's singin' Fa la la la la la


I'm falling in love, and wouldn't I like to think so
And every night I look at the stars out my window
D                         E
And I hope I can see the one that we saw together
       D                                  E
It was just you and me and honestly I'll look for that star forever


Chorus x2

End on G
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