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Stephen Lynch - When Grandfather Dies tab

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This is a very straightforward song using only 4 chords (Bm, C, D and G).
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When grandfather dies 
Bm           C
life will be strange
when grandfather dies 
Bm                  C
my whole world will change
when grandfather dies 
Bm                   C
i'll scream and i'll yell
coz i'll be f***in rich as hell

D              G
So grandfather die 
Bm              C
dont keep me in suspense
D              G
Oh grandfather cough 
Bm           C
up that inheritence
D              G
oh grandfather dont 
Bm              C
hold on another day
D             G   
i love you to death 
but i've got bills to pay

D                 G
A stroke would be nice
Bm               C
Disease would be cool
D                G        Bm              C
I'll scatter his ashes in my new swimming pool
D                 G            Bm            C
I'll jam with the stones, I'll dine with the queen
C               D           G           
So let's say we unplug that machine
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(Same as first chorus)
So grandfather fly 
to heaven you must pass
So grandfather think 
of all that juicy angel ass
So grandfather die 
before the fiscal year
Oh how I 
wish cavorky N were here

D                 G          Bm         C
For gods sake you must be as old as the hills
D              G                Bm     C
Im sick of the stench from your diaper spills
D                G          Bm         C
Your deaf, dumb, and blind, and an amputee
D               G           Bm           C
You donate your blood everytime that you pee
D              G           Bm      C
Your arthritis acts up whenever it rains
D                G         Bm       C
Your so old your penis has vericose vein
G               Bm
Oh why dont you die
Oh why must you fight
G              Bm          C           G  Bm   C
You old mother f***er just walk toward goddamn light
Walk toward the light old man

D            G
Its all over now
Bm            C
My grandad is dead
D            G
A mysterious blow
Bm                  C
To his wrinkled old head
D        G          Bm        C 
Before I collect, a small oversight
C              G                 D
But everything should turn out alright
C                     D            G         
I'll start working on my grandma tonight 
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