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Stephen Lynch - Tiny Little Mustache tab

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			     Tiny Little Mustache- Band Name
                            k, so heres wat im seeing, the other tabs for this song r
right, but not really. if u notice his guitar when he is playing this song, he has this
this he puts around his guitar on the third fret. i dont know wat its called but its 
barring the third fret automatically for him. so if he just didint touch the guitar and
hit the strings, instead of playing it open, it plays the third fret. so having that in 
u cant go below the third fret, which the other tabs do. this is how it is really played.


      Intro and most of the song is this


      thats pretty much the whole song repeated, but when he starts singing the "i think
a nazi baby" he plays the same thing except its like this, im not quite sure about the
E string, it seems like hes playing this tho


  like i sed im not sure about the low e string, just mess around with them if u think
are wrong and leave a correction, but just keep in mind u cant go below the third fret
them. i dont know the chord parts, look at the other tabs for that part, i cant figure 
out. i hope this helped

 look at the other tabs for the chord parts in the song, becuase i cant get those right,
hope this helps some people
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