Stephen Lynch - Mixer At Delta Chi chords

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intro: C Am C Am C Am F G#

C             Am          C           Am  
 It's college time again, September's almost here

C             Am              F              G#
 Hanging with freshman girls,  frat parties, kegs of beer

C               Am           C        Am
 I see the girl i've wanted, Mixer at Delta Chi,

C             Am         F               G#
 We take some Oxycontin,  Dave Matthews getting high.


G             F             G            F
  And then as I undress her,  I start my stimulus

G              F (stop)        G             G#     Bb   C    Am
  She says but wait, professor,  this wasn't on the syllabus


C        Am   C    Am  C        Am    C Am
 I'm the bad professor, I'm the bad professor

C         Am     C   Am   F     G#   G   C  Am
 A tenure titty caresser, I'm a bad, bad man

Verse 2: 
Tutor her at my apartment, turns into a slow dance
Hey baby whats your minor, got your major in my pants
I love her student body, she wants a better grade
I say if you roll over, I'll throw in financial aid

I hope you boned up for your midterm, if you want I can help you cram
Don't give a shit about the essay test,so lets skip it and get to the oral exam

I'm the bad professor
I'm the bad professor 
Your money's on the dresser
I'm a bad, bad, man.
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