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Stephen Lynch - Half A Man tab

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This song is really simple

Capo on 3rd fret

   E    G   D   C

Verse 1:
All my days,
   G         D      E
 I live with my disgrace
    G         D       E
I'm afraid to show my face
       G         D      C
Or at least take off my underwear...

See I was born
       G        D        E
Like a half way neutered pet
        G      D        E
I donít have a matching set
       G       D
Itís a part of me
That just aint there
Please, donít stare

           E                G
Well Iím a gambling man with out two dice
         E                       G
Iím like Uncle Ben with only one grain of rice
      E                     G
Oh to have two testis would be so nice
         D   C   E
But Iím half a man
          D    C    E
Yeah, Iím half a man

Wanna die
        G        D       E
end it all, just call it quits
        G      D        E
I canít find a cup that fits
       G        D       C
And at baseball games I feel so dumb
When I hear ďball one?

Oh, my God
          G        D       E
How could you have been so cruel
        G      D      E
To give me one family jewel
        G          D          C
And the one thatís there must feel so sad
Heís a lonely nad

Chorus 2
           E                    G
Well Iím a marathon runner with just one leg
      E                    G
Iím a fallopian tube with just one egg
Oh, I want another testi
Do I have to beg?
    D    C E
Iím half a man
         D    C E
Yeah, im half a man

kinda like chorus

Chorus 3
           E                            G
Well Iím a tweedle dee with no tweedle dum
          E                                 G
And Iím a Siskel and an Ebert with just one thumb
          E                          G
And Iím a Yo Ho Ho with no bottle of rum
         D    C  E
Iím just half a man
          D    C  E
Yeah, Iím half a man
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