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Stephen Lynch - Then She Farted tab

Then She Farted
By Stephen Lynch
Tabbed by Drew Eschweiler

D                         G
I made love you all night long
D                            G
Then I got up to write you a song
D                                      G
I watched you sleepin, I feel in love, you must have been sent from heaven above
A                                       D             G
Don't think you could never do no wrong...then you farted
D                 G
Oh girl you farted
D                                 G
First I thought that it was kinda cute
D                                           G
I surpressed a smile when I heard your girl poot
D                               G
Then the smell came wafting by, brought a little tear drop to my eye,
A                                       D     D2              G
I think I'll go sleep out on the couch...'cause you farted.
Em                                              A
You can make milk curdle, make your skin crawl, make the paint peel of the wall
Em                                                A
I won't sleep under them covers no more since the hot winds blew from out your 
            Asus          A
D                        G
Baby, it sure has been a gas
D                                      G
But I can't live life a-fearin of your ass
So I gathered up my clothes and my old dog, Bill
Move back to my house at the top of the hill,
A                                                     D  G  D
Well boy, I guess it's just you and me...then you farted.

He does a bunch of hammers when he plays the G chord, i think he's just hammering
the B on the A string. He also plays D2 pretty occassionally after playing the D.
This is my first tab, so enjoy it...

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