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Stephen Lynch - Mixer At Delta Chi tab

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Mixer At Delta Chi
by Stephen Lynch
from "The Craig Machine" (2005)

   +--------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------+
   + This file is Jordan Lapping’s own work and represents his     +
   + interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for    +
   + private study, scholarship, or research. The contents may not +
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NOTE: When Stephen plays the A chord in this song, he barrés the D, G, B strings
with the index finger, muting the high e string. Thus, every chord in this song
is a barré or power chord.

(in order of first appearance):
    C   A  F5  G#5  G5 A#5

C - A (x2)
C - A - F5 - G#5

 C            A           C          A
It's College time again, September's almost here
 C             A            F5           G#5
Hanging with freshmen girls, frat party kegs of beer
C        A                 C        A
I see a girl I'm wanting, mixer at Delta Chi
C            A         F5             G#5
We take some oxycontin; Dave Matthew gettin' high

G5         F5             G5              F5
And then as I undress her, and start my stimulus
G5              F5
She says, "But wait, Professor.
 G5         G#5     A#5  C    A
This wasn't on the syllabus?"...

C        A      C     A
I'm the bad professor
C        A      C     A
I'm the bad professor!
C          A       C     A
A tenured titty caresser
C     G#5   G5  C   A
I'm a bad, bad man...

C - A  (x3)

 C            A             C         A
Tutor her at my apartment, turns into a slow dance
  C          A                 F5           G#5
"Hey baby, what's your minor? Got your majorin' my pants.
C            A            C           A
I love her student body, she wants a better grade
C           A            F5               G#5        G5
I say, "If you roll over I'll throw in Financial Aid...

G5                       F5
"I hope you've boned up for your midterm
G5                  F5
If you want, I can help you cram
 G5            F5                  G5
Don't give a shit about the essay-test
                     G#5        A#5    C    A
So let's skip it and get to the oral exam!"...

C        A      C     A
I'm the bad professor,
C        A      C     A
I'm the bad professor!
 C           A        C     A
Your money's on the dresser
 C    G#5   G5     C
I'm a bad, bad... man!
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