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Stephen Malkmus - Ramp Of Death tab

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			   Stephen Malkmus - "Ramp of Death"

by: Saprophyte


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Before we were on our way
Dm              F
Up the ramp of death
I could say that you moved me
F              C
In many rich directions, good and bad
A mall on a weekday
Dm            F
The null experience
Piece it together
F                   C             Dm
It showers you with oceans of the past

And there's no time to breathe
Get back
And start avoiding me
F                C
Or stop avoiding me

If you're minus please listen
Don't abuse the trust
Take all of your engines
And concentrate on giving good advice
The scars on the raindrops
The presence in the pores
Of a grapefruit rind
Will cause you to regress
And fall into a rhythm you can't hack

Until it's time to leave
Get back
And start avoiding me
In a flash
There is no time to be
Get back
And stop avoiding me
Or start avoiding me
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